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The ZYZ Fly Fishing Reel Workship


I'm the owner and founder of the ZYZ Fly Fishing Reel Workshop. I have been working in manufacturing industry for over 20 years. The ZYZ reels are designed and made by myself. My workshop since the commencement of operation in late 1990s has produced over a thousand reels of varied modes sold worldwide.


The ZYZ reels have been highly appraised. Part of the feedbacks can be found on ebay. Many of our buyers are returned customers and some of them even ordered their second ones immediately after they received their first ones . We value every customer's opinion and requirement. Our focus is to build and maintain a friendly customer relationship and provide quality fly fishing reels at a very competitive price. Over the years we have received many constructive suggestions and help for improvement from our customers coming from all over the world including North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The ZYZ reels are also sold in fly fishing shops in the US, Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, etc.


The main part of each reel is made of aeronautical grade aluminum, and the materials for the rest parts include nickel silver, brass, and stainless steel. I carefully carry out each step of manufacturing and assembling, and then perform quality control to ensure each reel will work flawlessly . I also polish all the aluminum parts and then anodize them thus the ZYZ reel surface appears to be smooth and shinning.


Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are always my top priority.


I make every effort to make each reel to be stable in performance and beautiful in appearance. We are aware of our customers' needs therefore the ZYZ workshop provides peace of mind to our customers by giving replacement parts for lifetime. We do not merely go after product quantity so our productivity is controlled in a certain level. In this way I can spend more time in research and development. Meanwhile the ZYZ workshop can also make customized reels, providing services such as name inscribing and logo engraving.


The ZYZ workshop accepts small amount of wholesale order from individuals and tackle shops.



Contact Information

Contact Person:Mr.zhu youzhong

Address: Ru Jiang Wai Dang 69# FuZhou CHING

Zip Code:350015

Cell:++86 13960772369

Email :mw87336820@gmail.com




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